Pretty in Pink

Bag – Guess  Pants – American Apparel  Shoes – Miss Shop  Necklace – Forever 21  Collared Shirt – Chicabooti  Crop Tank – Supre

It’s just passed mid way through the week, almost March and already the year is taking off in rapid speed. Resumes have been sent for a fashion internship, collage applications completed and my diary is already exploding with to do lists.  ARGHHH! So hard to catch a breath and keep up with the express train called life. Although I feel at times that everything is weighing on me, I take comfort in the fact that one glorious day the struggles and sacrifices will pay off. Until then I will happily distract myself with my favourite accessories, clothes, bags and the joy of dressing up.

Preppy and retro, the words that came to mind when I got dressed for work on Tuesday morning. A common trend that you will see regularly; is my use of bright colours or showcasing one particular colour in my outfit. For this day and I’m sure many days to come, I choose my favourite colour (some of you will disagree with this choice but I don’t care) PINK!

With the sky painted grey, a cold breeze in the air, I thought bringing out the hot pink would be most appropriate to brighten up the day. Wearing my favourite disco pants, teaming it up it up with a love heart felt pattern shirt, created a good mixture of texture. To tie the outfit together I used a cropped singlet as a vest. For someone who was not blessed with height, wearing cropped shirts can create length to any outfit. To finish it off I wore a gold chunky necklace under the collar to polish up the look.

Stay tuned for this weeks outfits.

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Even though work can be boring; it doesn’t mean that your clothes have to be

Necklace Bow Tie – Diva Shirt – Doriano LBD – Portmans Heels – Coach

My current place of work is one that you would not expect, not in retail, merchandising, styling or anything to do with fashion. I work in a finance company, you know how it is when you’re studying and living outside of home, you need to pay the bills somehow. Even though my job consists of customer service, admin work and finance, I still try to put my own spin on life to make it that little bit more interesting.

I get up in the morning and I’m excited to see what I’m going to wear that day. It’s not to impress anyone or to get heads turning, I like doing it for me. I guess I’m still that little girl that never grew out of playing dress up. I wear certain colours or clothes to express how I feel. You know the saying; “wearing something that makes look good, will make you feel good as well”. It’s kind of the same thing as shopping therapy but instead of buying new clothes, your exploring different ways to collaborate clothes in your current wardrobe.

For work, I don’t like wearing the normal back and grey colours. I prefer mixing it up, adding bold colours that pop, throwing in some floral prints. Combining the office secretary look with a cute and preppy look. My belief is even though work can be boring; it doesn’t mean that your clothes have to be.

One of last weeks outfits, I wore a baby blue chiffon shirt underneath a normal black dress. The black dress alone with a coloured blazer would usually suffice but I wanted to change it up a little. To make the outfit more visually appealing, I accessorised with a necklace bow tie and sunglasses. To add contrast to the baby blue number, I wore a MAC fuchsia pink lippy called “Girl about town”. For more of a professional feel, I slicked my hair back in a high bun and wore high heels. For those who aren’t too comfortable with showing some leg, you can wear simple black or skin coloured tights. This look is very feminine and professional, allowing you to show some skin but not too much. What do you think?

Stay tuned for this weeks outfits.

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“Don’t buy expensive clothes, make your clothes look expensive with how you wear it”

Matching Blazer and Shorts – ASOS Collared Shirt – Chicabooti Bowler Hat – Tempt Brogues – ASOS Bag – CPS Bow Tie – Equip

It’s the start of a new tedious week and the count down to the weekend has already begun. Since starting this blog, the most common questions I’ve been asked is “what is it for?” and “why are you doing it?” In a quick panic I start mumbling, stuttering and I find myself making up some odd reasons to justify why I strangely take photos of myself wearing my everyday outfits. I then realise that the year and a half I spent doubting myself, going around and around in circles, thinking if I should or shouldn’t. Somewhere along the way I had forgotten why I wanted to do this in the first place. Then I start thinking that I should categorise my blog into the common blogging stereotypes of “DIY”, “picture based”, “editorial” etc. etc. I thought to myself “At least then it would make more sense to other people”. But I guess to answer your questions; in all honesty I initially wanted to start blogging to share my own personal style. Let it be expressed in photos, words, drawing or creations, either way I just wanted to share my love for fashion. In this blog, don’t expect to see insanely expensive brand names (unless I scored it on sale) because lets face it, IM BROKE!” What you can expect is outfits based on the quote that I live by “don’t buy expensive clothes, make your clothes look expensive with how you wear it” taught to me by my very own mother. This is just the third post on a very freshly started blog, in other words there’s still room to grow.

Now about my outfit – Out of the many things I love to wear, depending on my mood of course, nothing else compares to a good old fashion bow tie. Not too sure when the obsession began, all I know is that I just can’t get enough, especially with this gold metal bow tie (which is actually meant to be a hair clip). I wore this on the weekend, I wanted to wear something quirky, bright, classic and cute; this was the end result. It was a chilly but not too cold day, so I thought it was a good time to bring out the matching blazer and shorts. I teamed up my white and black polka-dot bag to accentuate the love heart polka dot shirt. To tie the out fit together I accessorised adding a Bowler hat and classic 1920s inspired brogues.

Stay tuned for this weeks outfits.

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I choo choo choose you

Blazer – ASOS  Dress – Vintage  Brogues – Wandering Souls  Bag – Vintage  Beret – Forever New

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day and the aftermath of spiteful singles, PDA couples, love quotes, pictures of flowers and gifts still linger in my social atmosphere. By the end of yesterday I couldn’t stand anymore posts of “I hate my life because I’m single” and “I love my baby” blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong I’m all about spreading the love and I understand that haters are gonna hate.  I guess since I’ve recently been using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a more regular basis, I was overwhelmed with the overkill of posts and photos. Personally I decided to keep my Valentine’s Day experience under wraps; it was my gesture of keeping it special for my other half.

This outfit was my Monday get up to work; I am a sucker for colour combinations that pop. The dress is a vintage 70s dress which has a crochet pattern throughout. I love this dress, not only because its so comfortable and classic but you can team it up with any coloured blazer or cardigan. I used a slightly cropped blazer to add height, no collar on the blazer gives the outfit a more softer look.  I like the colour combination of green and mustard; choosing colours that complement each other makes the outfit more interesting.

P.S the title was inspired by Ralph from The Simpsons – for anyone who doesn’t know this, you should be ashamed.

Stay tuned for this weekends outfits

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Play Date

Playsuit – ASOS  Jelly Sandals – NOVO  Beach Hat – Jay Jays  Sunglasses – Tiffany & Co.

Woke up on bright and sunny Sunday morning, thanking god that my face was less swollen from getting my wisdom teeth out a week ago. After the constant supportive push from my boyfriend to start my own fashion blog. I thought to my self after a year and a half of procrastinating and self doubt “I guess today is the day”.

Soooooo I thought the first outfit that I would feature on my Blog should reflect my playful and at times childish personality. Which was fitting for a walk to the park with my boyfriend Chin (Yes, Chin as in the one on your face). Now you would think since my boyfriend is a photographer, that I would be comfortable in front of the camera……….. definitely NOT. After 2 and a half years of being his default model I still can’t seem to shake being camera shy. I automatically get in my silly mood since I feel so incredibly awkward. My 4 foot 9 height definitely affected my mentality to get in the model zone. Thankfully, Chin was able to get me just comfortable enough to get the right shots.

With this outfit I wanted to have some fun and show my love of bright colours. Plus I wanted an excuse to wear my new neon orange jelly sandals.

Stay tuned for this weeks outfits

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EDIT: Re did the photos. Had the wrong colour profile so it looked weird on some mediums.

Polka_dot_jumpsuit_01web Polka_dot_jumpsuit_02web Polka_dot_jumpsuit_03web Polka_dot_jumpsuit_04web Polka_dot_jumpsuit_05web