I choo choo choose you

Blazer – ASOS  Dress – Vintage  Brogues – Wandering Souls  Bag – Vintage  Beret – Forever New

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day and the aftermath of spiteful singles, PDA couples, love quotes, pictures of flowers and gifts still linger in my social atmosphere. By the end of yesterday I couldn’t stand anymore posts of “I hate my life because I’m single” and “I love my baby” blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong I’m all about spreading the love and I understand that haters are gonna hate.  I guess since I’ve recently been using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a more regular basis, I was overwhelmed with the overkill of posts and photos. Personally I decided to keep my Valentine’s Day experience under wraps; it was my gesture of keeping it special for my other half.

This outfit was my Monday get up to work; I am a sucker for colour combinations that pop. The dress is a vintage 70s dress which has a crochet pattern throughout. I love this dress, not only because its so comfortable and classic but you can team it up with any coloured blazer or cardigan. I used a slightly cropped blazer to add height, no collar on the blazer gives the outfit a more softer look.  I like the colour combination of green and mustard; choosing colours that complement each other makes the outfit more interesting.

P.S the title was inspired by Ralph from The Simpsons – for anyone who doesn’t know this, you should be ashamed.

Stay tuned for this weekends outfits

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