Playsuit – ASOS  |  Shoes – Verali  |  Bag – Coach

I love playsuits!

I’m sure you’ve had one of those days where you just can’t decide on what to wear. Where you’re lazy to put together an outfit or overwhelmed with decisions, but you still want to look nice. Your easy solution is to wear a playsuit!

Rather than spending so much time thinking “Will this top go with my pants?” Ransacking your wardrobe till your floor is covered with clothes. Trying almost 3 different outfits and after all of that, you end up selecting the outfit you started with. Choosing to wear a playsuit is as easy as throwing it on without all the drama. If you’re a sceptic, my word of advice is, “Just try it and see for your self!”

Playsuits, jumpsuits and one pieces come in all different shapes and sizes. They are made to flatter your body shape; some tight fitting and others loose. Made in a variety of styles such as chic, feminine, cute and my favourite, the 60’s inspired look (coming soon on the blog). Playsuits are perfect for summer and if you’re a fan like me, you can even wear it all year round. For colder weather, I simply wear patterned stockings, layered with a cardigan and covered up with an oversized coat. If that’s not warm enough, you can wear it with boots and accessorise it with a scarf or a knitted hat of any kind.

I wore this Aztec printed playsuit out to dinner with friends. It’s super comfortable! You can take it from a day to night, by dressing it up with heels. The Aztec print and the inbuilt belt, covers up any unwanted bulge. The oversized bow also accentuates your bust without showing cleavage. I love the neutral colours of black and beige because you can wear it with almost anything. For this outfit I wanted to wear the playsuit with a plum orange colour using lipstick and my Coach bag. Visually these colours really complement each other.

Since I am such a lover of playsuits, I should probably warn you that the playsuit will strike again on this blog. Hopefully I can even convert some of you :).

Do you love playsuits as much as I do?

Stay tuned for this weeks outfits.

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