Glamping in primary colours

Dress – Lispy  |  Belt – Miss Shop  |  Heels – Verali

Last week I was lucky enough to go on a camping trip with a group of my friends.  Initially reluctant, but in the end a lot of memories were made and friendships were strengthened. So good in fact that we are planning our next trip in June and I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Before the camping trip, I always envisioned the camping experience to be something thing like the show “Man versus Wild”.  One thing I forgot to consider was the fact that I was camping with a Filipino family and being a filo myself, we pack our whole kitchen. Even though we slept in tents around a campfire, we still cooked our food as per normal and still had the luxury of a toilet and shower. I guess it was more “Glamping” rather than “ Camping”. One thing I do have to add was the food was amazing!!!

Also referencing another show, in the days of “ Mad Men” where the men would go to work and the women would stay home and look after the household. This was very much like our camping trip. However, in this version the men would do the hard labor and the women would stay on the campsite to cook and clean. Now usually, I’m all for getting my hands dirty and I’m happy to get out there to explore. But this time, I really couldn’t help even if I wanted to. The things they had to carry and do were really physically demanding. I realized that I would be more in the way rather than helping them. I just cooked cleaned and chilled… IT WAS AWESOME!

As promised, this is the other outfit I wore on the camping trip. The dress featured is by a clothing label that I adore, LIPSY! Their collections are amazing, so girly and so chic. If you look back to the 60’s inspired blog I released a couple of weeks ago, most of the clothes the models wore are from Lispy.

With this look I wanted more of a classic look. I wanted to present an Americana feel because when I think of a country girl, I think of the America country. To present this I wore the primary colours of red, white, blue and yellow. To make the outfit pop I used print on print; red and white stripes and white and blue polka dots.

Check out more of the Lipsy collection at –

Big shout out to the make up artist Lyn Da who is responsible for the make up. You can see more of her on Facebook –

During the week I’ll be posting about a label launch that I attended for the label Tokyo Twerk, so stay tuned 🙂










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