Statements Part 2

Styling and Wardrobe – Ethel Manalo (me)
Photographer – Raelene Baget
Make-up artist – Shelia Tsakalidis
Model – Cam Tu Nguyen

As promised, here are the photos from the statements photoshoot.

With each style of make up, I wanted to portray different looks and emit different emotions.

The pieces I chose for the shoot was a leather jacket and a geometric mini skirt.

The leather jacket is a stereotypical representation of  “attitude”, this is exactly the emotion I wanted to bring out through strong body language.

Stylistically, I wanted the photos with the skirt to be more sultry and alluring to the viewers, but didn’t want it to be too sexy. I styled the look with more of an Egyptian cat like look to make the shots visually  interesting.

The model, Cam Tu Nguyen, was absolutely stunning and was able to make the styling come alive. She was breathtaking!!!

Sheila Tsakalidis did the amazing make-up and the talented photographer who took these photos is Raelene Baget.

If you didn’t read “Statements Part 1”, I suggest you do because you’re missing out :P.

I’ll be posting Part 3 soon so stay tuned 🙂

To see what Cam, Sheila, Raelene and I are up to, you can check us out on Facebook 🙂 don’t forget to like the Fashiondiction page!

I’ll be posting more outfits over the weekend, so see you then 🙂












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