Black and Navy, Fashion don’t?

Shirt – Chicabooti  |  Shorts – CPS  |  Socks – Sportsgirl

Recently I’ve been trying to think of places to go with nice scenery and good views. Chin originally being a landscape photographer, can easily get bored of taking photos of my outfits (even though it was his idea for me to start a blog -.-‘ ).

To keep things interesting for him, I often try to think of places that would be scenic for our shoots.

One of my favourite places to go to would have be Blue Mountains in Sydney. I’ve been there so many times and I’m yet to get sick of it. I guess I’m just a sucker for fresh air and wild life.

It had been a while since I spent time with my crazy brother Mark, so Chin and I decided to bring him along to our Blue Mountains trip.

We ended up having a mini road trip, chilling out at awesome look out points and pigging out on fish and chips.

The weather was at its best that day, so to celebrate I brought out my shorts to play.

To liven it up and to bring a little bit of sass, I wore my favourite red lippy. Red and navy always go so well together.

As usual, prepped it out with white socks and some Mary Jane pumps.

Apparently wearing navy blue with black is a fashion don’t. Personally I think I look pretty dashing in the navy and black combo, so I don’t go by this rule and you know what they say; “Rules are meant to be broken”.

Do you think Blue and Navy is a Fashion don’t?

Stay tunned this week to see what I wore on my first day of Fashion college and to see the last photos from the “Statements” photoshoot.

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