Feeling Baggy

Top  – Mossimo | Boyfriend Jeans – Jay Jays | Boots – ZU

Photographer – Yunn Chin

It’s winter in Australia and sometimes I just feel like getting out of bed in my warm comfortable pajamas.

I envy mens fashion it’s carefree and there’s no pressure to wear uncomfortable tight fabrics and high heels. Not that I’m against any of the above.

Sometimes I just want to wear something baggy!

Which brings me to this outfit post…

This was a day that I couldn’t care less about the way I looked. A day that I had turned to baggy, boyish clothes to comfort me from the cold. When I say boyish, I mean literally. This Mossimo shirt is actually a guy’s shirt and I bought it for myself hehehe.

I woke up that morning hating the world and hating everything in my wardrobe. It’s ironic that the day that you feel your ugliest, is the day that you receive the kindest compliments.

So to return the kindness, to all of you reading this, even though I can’t see you, I already know you’re beautiful inside and out.

Thank you for making my day visiting my blog.

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Varsity Blues – Football Jersey Trend

I’ve been seeing these tops, shirts and crops around everywhere, on blogs, celebrities, even on catwalks.  Though I wasn’t into it first, the style has really grown on me and now I just can’t stop the urge from purchasing every top I see.

Speaking of which, I bought one just today in Topman. It’s made for men but hey, the baggier the better.

Something about women wearing men’s sports shirts shouts sexy, plus I’m sure it’s everyman’s fantasy.

Personally I love this new trend because you can wear it casually and dress it up with some pumps. Not to mention that it is super comfortable, I’ve got to admit I’ve been converted.

This is definitely a style that I’ll be rocking throughout 2013, so keep an eye out for my outfit posts.

Do you love it or hate it?


(above) Vintage football jersey featured in a photoshoot with Balenciaga and Prada


Trendsetter Rhianna has been rocking this new hot style from the start, as well as other celebrities like Ciara, and Brandy.


2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 1 - Show


This look exploded when Beyonce graced the cover of GQ rocking the sexy baby blue cropped football jersey.




Loving these Fashion bloggers styles, Kim from http://stylemeyesterday.com/ wearing Runaway Scout


Kathie from http://hellokathie.blogspot.com.au/ wearing Forever 21

20130629-1016 20130629-1131

Wanting to buy your own? Here are a couple of styles i’ve come across that might interest you.





image4xxl (1)




Beanie – Sportsgirl | Jumper – August Street | Disco Pants – American Apparel | Bag –Miss Shop | Sneakers – Converse

This winter I’ve been drawn to earthy, cameo colours and especially neon.

Luckily for me, these past couple of months I’ve been finding neon items on sale everywhere! YERRRRR! What better way to show off these items than throwing it all together in one outfit 😉

Beanie – Sportsgirl $10
Bag – Miss Shop $7 (Yup that’s right, I scored it in the Myer sales)
Jumper – August Street $30 (label warehouse sale)

Neon is a tricky one to style, since it doesn’t go with a lot of general colours. I find that it goes best with dark colours such grey tones and its best friend black.

Wearing dark shades of lipstick goes hand in hand with neon and the darker shades will do you wonders for a classic winter look. The shade I’m wearing with this outfit is called Diva, from Mac :).

I wore this outfit to college and funny enough, we were using the projector that day and I happened to glow in the dark. So do yourself a favour and get your highlighter on!

Stay tuned for more winter outfit posts coming up over the weekend.

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Akina Bridal Couture Photoshoot – Final Edit

Styling – Ethel Manalo (me)
Photographer – Nelson Cortez
Assistant Photographer – Yunn Chin
Make Up Artist – Raizel Caringal Signo
Hair Stylist – Alphazeus Sadsad
Model #1 – Melissa Menzies
Model #2 – Rebecca Lachlan

As promised from Thursday’s Behind the Scenes post, here are the final photos from the Akina Bridal Couture photoshoot.

Thank you to the awesome team that produced such incredible photos, you guys are so talented and it was great working with such a great bunch of people.

Told you the dresses where amazing, hope you guys like it .

Stay tuned  for this weeks outfit posts.

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AKINA_05 copy


AKINA_11 copy

AKINA_10 copy

AKINA_13 copy

AKINA_22 copy

AKINA_26 copy

DSC_4145 copy

DSC_4178 copy

AKINA_35 copy

AKINA_40 copy

AKINA_46 copy

The Boyfriend Trend

Boyfriend Jeans – Jay Jays | Blazer – ZARA | Shoes – Converse Chuck Lites

Photographer – Yunn Chin

The first time I came across this trend (sometime late 2011- early 2012) I thought for sure that I would never be able to pull it off.

As time passed, my choices and preferences have changed. Influenced by style icons and the fashionistas that I follow, it wasn’t till recently that I’ve been dying to have a pair to call my own.

I usually like rocking my out there colorful style, however, seeing these jeans take me back to my missed tomboy days.

So a couple of weeks ago I dragged my boyfriend Chin with me to find the perfect boyfriend jeans.

Now if you’re like me; broke, picky and difficult to fit. It can be hard finding the pair that is right for you.

Here are some (and when I say some, I really mean a small third) of the stores I visited and what I found:

Glue – They had a couple of styles to choose from, ranging from light to dark, great strong material and plenty of sizes to fit all. The only thing that bothered me was the prices, ranging from $180 – 200 and up, which I would happily spend if I found the right fit for me. But in this case, it was definitely out of a full time students price range and my version of perfect was no where to be seen.

Sportsgirl – I had big hopes walking into Sportsgirl, known for their up to date trends and stylish range of clothes. However, I found they were out of stock and out of my size :(. They did have some good substitutes in pleather and jersey material so I would definitely recommend paying them a visit.

Valleygirl – Know for their affordable fashion I did find a pair that was the right shade of stone washed denim but they too were out of my size. When I walked into their second store, in the same shopping center, they didn’t even know what boyfriend jeans were …… fashion retail FAIL!

Mossimo – Didn’t stock the boyfriend jeans but I did buy a really cool top which will be featured on here soon hehehe.

General Pants – Also a good range in style and sizes but if you’re like me, it definitely burns a hole through your pockets.

Zero – I finally found a pair that was the right size, the right shade and even though it was $200 I thought “Whatever, I’m over it! I should take it and go!” It wasn’t until my boyfriend Chin convinced me not to settle and just to keep looking (aw! bless his sweet supportive heart).

Just before I was about to give up and call it a day, we decided that we would try one more store and of course, it was in that last store that I found it! Finally after a whole day of disappointment, my perfect pair was in JAY JAYS!  Yup that’s right, good old affordable Jay Jays. They had a good range of sizes (including mine), the right colour and it was only $60!

So if your looking for your very own boyfriend jeans which is good quality and don’t mind spending a pretty penny, definitely check out Glue, General Pants and Zero.

But if you’re looking to save hundreds, get yours at Jay Jays.

If you’re not in a rush to get a pair, go online on ASOS, they have big range and offer sizes for the petite and curvy.

After wearing these jeans over and over again, they are awesome! Totally comfortable, can be worn casually as well as chic. Just between you and me, they are my new fat pants since its so baggy hehehe.

What do you think about the new boyfriend trend?


Next week I’ll be posting the final photos from the Bridal shoot I styled, so stay tuned.

Thanks for visiting, I’ll see you guys on Monday, have a good weekend 🙂





Funny story behind this photo, when we were taking photos, my brother Mark came to help. It was here that we thought it would be a funny idea to have him randomly stand in the background just for fun, almost imitating an ad. The photo was never going to be featured on the blog but it turned out so good so I had to share it with you hehehe.





Akina Bridal Couture Photoshoot – Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes photographer – Yunn Chin 

There is a first time for everything and styling this bridal shoot was definitely a first for me.

Before every shoot during the research, planning and preparation stages, this is the time where the vision I’m trying to portray becomes clear as day. However, since I had never styled bridal before, I was unsure of which direction to go.

It was the photographer Nelson Cortez (also the photographer behind the (Photoshoot with Versace, Emporio Armani and Gai Mattiolo) who assured me that I would do fine and looking back now I’m so grateful for that little push of encouragement, resulting in such beautiful images.

Even though the end result was so much more amazing than I could of imagined. There are definitely some improvements that I would make from my end that could of really helped during the photoshoot. That’s what I love about styling, every time I do a shoot, I always look at the things I could have done better and take it as learning experience to better myself.

This time we had a big team of makeup artists, hair stylists, gorgeous models and photographers, which consisted of some of the most talented people I have met so far.

The gowns we were working with were from Akina Bridal Couture and each gown was beautiful, seriously! Having a small fashion design background, I really appreciated the craft and sensitivity seen throughout the designs by owner and designer Tracy Woodham.

Here are some behind the scene photos from the shoot, I’ll be posting the finished photos soon so stay tuned.

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Fluro Aztec Oversized Cardigan

Oversized Cardigan – Boohoo | Disco Pants – American Apparel | Crop Too – Supre | Heels – Wandering souls | Belt – Vintage

Photographer – Yunn Chin

Wow! It’s been so long since I’ve posted an outfit.

I’m usually more excited to post about a photoshoot I’ve styled or an event I went to, which makes it surprising that I’m actually excited about an outfit post. (It’s probably just because it’s been a while since I’ve shared what’s in my closet)

Something this winter that I have recycled, reused and re-worn again and again is my fluro Aztec oversized cardigan. This past month has been unforgiving; cold, wet and grey skies but through it all, my cardigan has saved me from some miserable cold winter days and nights. Plus I bought it on sale, which makes it that much sweeter Woot Woot!

I wore this outfit over lunch with girlfriends and over the weekend. Even though the weather has been depressing, I’m a true believer of brightening up your day with some colour.

My favourite match with this cardigan is my lavender disco pants, the colours compliment each other so well.
Not to give people eyestrain with too much colour, I wore a basic black crop. Wearing an oversized throw over can make you look shorter so teaming it up with high-waist pants and a crop can compliment you length.
To balance the colours, I wore a bright peach belt and black tipped pumps.

I know for some, this cardigan may be to florescent for your liking, however, don’t be fooled by my crazy way of styling. To tame it down you can pair it with a basic LBD or black pants and a black top.

What item of clothing has kept you alive this winter? I’d love to know 😉

This week I’ll be posting the first bridal shoot I’ve styled, EXCITING!

Keep a look out on the behind the scenes photos which will be up soon.

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Photoshoot with Versace, Emporio Armani and Gai Mattiolo – FINAL EDIT

Stylist and Wardrobe – Ethel Manalo (me)
Photographer – Nelson Cortez
Hair and Make Up Artist – Raizel Caringal Signo
Model – Christiana Fischer
BTS Photographer and Assistant – Yunn Chin
Wardrobe Supplied By – Designer outlet store Voi (located at 1/72 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

In May, I was asked to style a photoshoot for Christiana Fischer, an international model and finalist for Miss Universe Australia 2011.

I was lucky to also be working with an amazingly talented photographer Nelson Cortez, who was the photographer for Miss Universe 2010-2012 and Miss country.

The make up artist behind the stunning hair and make up was Raizel Caringal Signo.

As I mentioned in the behind the scenes post, the wardrobe I used to style the photoshoot was from the designer outlet store Voi, who have just launched their new online website with up to 70% off designer labels – www.shopatvoi.com

As promised here are the final photos from the photoshoot :).

To see more of Nelson’s incredible photos check out – http://finphotographyfashion.wordpress.com/

You can also see more of Nelson’s and Raizel’s works on facebook (don’t forget to like)-

Nelson Cortez: http://www.facebook.com/pages/FIN-Photography/23185216396

Raizel Caringal Signo: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Raizel-Rose-Makeup-Artist/432227403517880

Hope you guys like it!






DSC_3483  DSC_3504






Sydney Fashion Weekend Runway

I’ve been meaning to post this for quite sometime, however, in the past couple of weeks reality had hit hard with assessments, bills and work. I had underestimated the full power of stress during assessments; it has been 5 years since I’ve studied full time.

I had contemplated if I should post this at all, since fashion weekend was some time ago but then I thought it would be a complete waste if I didn’t. Plus I didn’t want you guys to miss out on the trends that weekend. So as promised here it is…


Bec and Bridge 

Known for their affordable, modern and chic designs, Bec and Bridge did not disappoint, showcasing; leather, prints and lace on the runway. All favourable trends this year.

The “Sorrento Midi Dress”, evidently sophisticated with a vibrant, eye catching print, was my favourite from their Winter/Fall “Paradiso Bianco Capsule 12/13” collection.





Blue toned floral prints, teamed with basic black and white; A balance of girly-chic and edgy. I especially liked the different textures seen, creating more of a visual depth in their collection.




Watson X Watson

The earthy tones and the infamous hat used in this collection, visually reminded me of the Wild West. I simply loved the navy jumpsuit styled with the hat.

A mixture of warm and cool colours, denim and soft fabrics, makes this collection a breath of fresh air.





This was the first time I had ever seen or heard of Ixiah and I fell in love! Their sophisticated clean lines seen in their co-ordinates and how their unique patterned silk flowed down the runway; what’s not to love!

Ixiah’s 2013 winter collection “Inscription” is definitely a collection I can see myself wearing.

Check out an interview with Krystel Davis, the designer behind the Ixiah label at – http://www.thefashionsection.com/qa-with-krystel-davis-designer-of-ixiah/




Nicola Finetti

In his 2012/2013 Spring collection, we see soft beige, pinks and creams, along with sheer, soft and shimmer fabrics. Displaying his signature feminine designs accentuating the female figure.

“My aim is to give women the possibility to explore their inner self and embrace their femininity.” Nicola Finetti





This collection showcases their signature bold and flirtatious designs using bright and colourful prints. My favourite was the white floral print dress, cut in a way, which made the skirt flow so effortlessly down the runway.




This is a label that grew familiar with during high school and till now hussy manages to bring modern and feminie designs with a touch of edge.

The dress that caught my eye in this collection was the black one sleeve dress, with a shimmer top. The asymmetrical one shoulder trend is seen through the collection.





True to its brand, the collection featured free spirited bohemian chic designs.

I loved their vibrant warm prints with floral designed patterns and trims. Their paring of the brown boots with the collection was a perfect fit; it showed how versatile their long dresses are, allowing you to wear the designs from day to night.




By Johnny

This was my absolute favourite out of the 10 collections shown. Showcasing cute peplum skirts with playful stripes and girly floral prints on dresses that accentuate the female form.

Using soft beige, mint, baby pink colours with a hint of metallic was the icing on the cake for their collection. I adored these designs so much that after the show I bought pieces from their 2012 summer collection.

Converted to a new follower, I can’t wait to see their new creations in their upcoming collections.




Christensen Copenhagen

This collection from Christensen Copenhagen was the right blend of sophisticated classy and chic. The outfits and dresses shown in the collection were prefect for day and nightwear.

The opening outfit was a metallic royal blue blazer and pant co-ordinate, which was incredibly stylish and edgy. I especially loved the modern geometric monochrome dress.

However, the stand out was the knitwear vest, styled with a simple white blouse worn underneath, leather pants and classic black hat. The collection was a prefect visual to conclude the 10 designer collections showcased in Sydney Fashion Weekend.


Christensen_Copenhagen_02 Christensen_Copenhagen_03

To see other pictures from Sydney Fashion Weekend and what else me and fashion blogger Camille Sioco got up to, visit the WhatIWear blog – http://blog.whatiwear.com/2013/06/03/sydney-fashion-weekend-2013/

Also check out Camille’s blog www.frillyskirts.net

The last couple of weeks have improved my time management skills dramatically. So I promise I won’t go M.I.A (missing in action) again or I’ll at least give you plenty of notice before hand if I do.

Stay tuned this week for the final edit on photos I styled and to check out some of the new winter outfits posts.

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