Beanie – Sportsgirl | Jumper – August Street | Disco Pants – American Apparel | Bag –Miss Shop | Sneakers – Converse

This winter I’ve been drawn to earthy, cameo colours and especially neon.

Luckily for me, these past couple of months I’ve been finding neon items on sale everywhere! YERRRRR! What better way to show off these items than throwing it all together in one outfit 😉

Beanie – Sportsgirl $10
Bag – Miss Shop $7 (Yup that’s right, I scored it in the Myer sales)
Jumper – August Street $30 (label warehouse sale)

Neon is a tricky one to style, since it doesn’t go with a lot of general colours. I find that it goes best with dark colours such grey tones and its best friend black.

Wearing dark shades of lipstick goes hand in hand with neon and the darker shades will do you wonders for a classic winter look. The shade I’m wearing with this outfit is called Diva, from Mac :).

I wore this outfit to college and funny enough, we were using the projector that day and I happened to glow in the dark. So do yourself a favour and get your highlighter on!

Stay tuned for more winter outfit posts coming up over the weekend.

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