Feeling Baggy

Top  – Mossimo | Boyfriend Jeans – Jay Jays | Boots – ZU

Photographer – Yunn Chin

It’s winter in Australia and sometimes I just feel like getting out of bed in my warm comfortable pajamas.

I envy mens fashion it’s carefree and there’s no pressure to wear uncomfortable tight fabrics and high heels. Not that I’m against any of the above.

Sometimes I just want to wear something baggy!

Which brings me to this outfit post…

This was a day that I couldn’t care less about the way I looked. A day that I had turned to baggy, boyish clothes to comfort me from the cold. When I say boyish, I mean literally. This Mossimo shirt is actually a guy’s shirt and I bought it for myself hehehe.

I woke up that morning hating the world and hating everything in my wardrobe. It’s ironic that the day that you feel your ugliest, is the day that you receive the kindest compliments.

So to return the kindness, to all of you reading this, even though I can’t see you, I already know you’re beautiful inside and out.

Thank you for making my day visiting my blog.

Till next time 😉











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