Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney – Spotted Personal Styles

Photographer – Yunn Chin

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, an event to showcase this seasons designs to the public, was held in the heart of Sydney CBD at the Sydney Town Hall. Me and my photographer/partner Chin were lucky enough to attend since we were approved for media passes woot woot!

The next several days I’ll be bringing you the trends, frocks, gowns and new styles that graced the runway from designers such as Alex Perry, Bec and Bridge and the first ever “Kardasian Kollection” runway show.

But before we engulf ourselves in exciting new designer styles, here are just some of the unique personal styles rocked by the people of Sydney at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival.


Chettina Attard wearing a playfully printed skirt from Sheike


Sonia Pennimpede 


David Mac Ham mixing it up with a traditional African shirt and leopard printed shoes


Loved his look so much I had to include this close up


Mariel, Raniera and Frederick 


Loving this dungaree worn by Keeda


Pernilla Ackerfors


Chad Nguyen


One of the more interesting outfits seen that night worn by Wenlong Yuan


Kacie with friends

Mixed Business

Hat – Stussy | Cardigan – Vintage | Disco Pants – American Apparel | Top – Supre | Sneakers – Nike | lippy – Rebel by MAC

Photographer – Yunn Chin

I’m all for dressing the way you want without caring what anyone else thinks. However, with so many guidelines and rules around dress codes for work, college and everyday events, drilled into our subconscious. We find ourselves asking questions like “Does this look respectable?” “ Is this too crazy?” or “ Is this appropriate”.

Besides the fact that my work and college are not very strict about dress code, it still doesn’t stop the questions that affect my insecurities.

The two days that these rules and dress code regulations don’t apply are the Weekends!

I view my weekends as my creative escape; these are the days I wear whatever I want without a second thought.

This outfit is something I threw on in seconds rushing to get out the house. I was aiming for something warm, comfortable, fun and colourful. I mixed the old with the new, wearing a vintage cardigan and showed off my Nike’s with my teal polka-dot Stussy hat.

What do you wear to mix things up in your wardrobe?