Mixed Business

Hat – Stussy | Cardigan – Vintage | Disco Pants – American Apparel | Top – Supre | Sneakers – Nike | lippy – Rebel by MAC

Photographer – Yunn Chin

I’m all for dressing the way you want without caring what anyone else thinks. However, with so many guidelines and rules around dress codes for work, college and everyday events, drilled into our subconscious. We find ourselves asking questions like “Does this look respectable?” “ Is this too crazy?” or “ Is this appropriate”.

Besides the fact that my work and college are not very strict about dress code, it still doesn’t stop the questions that affect my insecurities.

The two days that these rules and dress code regulations don’t apply are the Weekends!

I view my weekends as my creative escape; these are the days I wear whatever I want without a second thought.

This outfit is something I threw on in seconds rushing to get out the house. I was aiming for something warm, comfortable, fun and colourful. I mixed the old with the new, wearing a vintage cardigan and showed off my Nike’s with my teal polka-dot Stussy hat.

What do you wear to mix things up in your wardrobe?



6 thoughts on “Mixed Business

  1. I tend to care a tad bit more about how I look in an outfit and what I would think of someone if they wore the same, and then decide if I want to wear it out. I can be unreasonably harsh on myself occasionally, but that apart, the most out of the box outfit I have dressed myself in will be a pair of black gym shorts with a striped blouse, simply because I was running errands and had no time to change. Of course with my gym shoes. Other than being sweaty and messy, I think it did quite OK.. : )

    • I’m the same, I usually plan out my outfits except days that are an exception.

      I’m sure you would of done ok with that outfit, especially since dressing up sportswear is totally in this season.

      Thank you for your input and Thank you for visting my blog 🙂

  2. You are so cute! I love this on you; not many people could pull off the outfit the way you do!
    My office has no dress code, but since I’ve worked at a job that had a strict dress code, I definitely think twice about some garments! I always love layering (at least, when it’s cool enough!) That definitely helps to mix things up, with the added bonus that something layered likely isn’t going to make me uncomfortable in a work environment!

    • Aw Thank you so much, that means a lot coming from you :).

      Tell me about it! I love layering!!! You’re right it does work best in the work environment.
      There’s nothing better then teaming a quirky long sleeve and a cute jumper under a chic coat.

      Thanks you for input 🙂

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