Tokyo Twerk – Life Style Clothing Label Campaign

Some of you may remember the label launch I attended in April for Tokyo Twerk.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the up and coming label; Tokyo Twerk is a life style label that creates fun and edgy designs inspired by the new up and coming music scene (new music that doesn’t fit into any specific genre).

The vision behind the label is to explore unconventional and new art. Creating cool and unique designs that don’t follow a certain formula or style. Designs that are not fashion but designs that reflect a lifestyle.

I admire the uniqueness of the label and what the label stands for. Their vision, I think is really interesting and refreshing. It’s not often you find labels that don’t conform to the everyday fashion scene.

I also love the fact that their clothing is unisex and the idea of boyfriends and girlfriends being able to share clothes really appeals to me (as you know, I do love wearing my occasionally boyfriend shirts hehehe).

Tokyo Twerk has recently released their campaign video, which shows what the label is all about. I’m loving the music playing in the background!

Check it out !

Tokyo Twerk’s online shop will go live to the public after their member’s only pre sale -Dates TBA next week.

So be sure to keep a look out on their website –

For more updates you can follow Tokyo Twerk on :
Instagram –
Facebook –

Tokyo twerk


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