Outfit Post – Think Pink

Playsuit – Mink | Flats – Miss Shop

Photos taken by – Yunn Chin Photography

This October month has been all about the colour PINK for breast cancer awareness. Besides the fact that pink is my favourite colour, this month has hit close to home, with a family member passing away with cancer earlier this year.

“Breast cancer remains the most common cancer among Australian women (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer).” http://canceraustralia.gov.au/healthy-living/campaigns-events/breast-cancer-awareness-month

The Australian community has done a big part in contributing to raising funds for research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer through fundraisers and events.

My work in particular hosted a high tea, raising money for the cause and encouraged everyone to wear pink last Friday.

At college there was pink to bee seen throughout the month and pink ribbon stalls were everywhere, at stations, malls and walkways.

Besides my small contribution I thought I would post up the outfit I wore earlier this month with the encouragement to wear pink.

Even though we are at the end of breast cancer awareness month, it’s not too late to contribute; for more information and to make a donation big or small, you can visit: http://www.nbcf.org.au/

pink_square_02   pink_square_03








http://www.nbcf.org.au/Support-Us.aspx   http://canceraustralia.gov.au/healthy-living/campaigns-events/breast-cancer-awareness-month


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post – Think Pink

  1. We can see why pink is one of your favourite colours – you look gorgeous in your playsuit! Thank Ethel for holding the high tea at your work and raising awareness and funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, supporting us in our aspirational goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. It’s much appreciated xox.

    • AW thank you for your kind words!

      I wish I could take the credit for hosting the high tea at my work, however, it was actually thanks the amazing people at work who had taken the time effort to support the cause.

      It’s inspired me to hold a fundraising event myself same time next year.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog 🙂

      Everything you guys do is beyond amazing and truly inspirational, Thank you.

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