About Me


A little intro about yours truly…

My name is Ethel Manalo, born in the Philippines, was raised in NZ and I grew up in Sydney Australia. Just finished studying marketing and will be studying for a bachelors degree in fashion marketing.

Persona – I’m 22 years young; the one word to describe me is ANIMATED. I’m not afraid to be me, which can be all kinds of crazy.

Back to Basics – My first love was a vintage op shop.  My inspiration was my brother’s gorgeous Swedish girlfriend, who had introduced me to the world of girl’s clothes (before her I was wearing my brothers hand-me downs till I was 13, THANK GOD SHE CAME ALONG). My stylist guru was my mother who had showed me the way of mixing, matching and colour co-ordinating. My creativity was born through art and music expression. My addiction is clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, bold colours and everything fashion has to offer.

History in the Making – My grandparents were tailors so at the age of 6, I was cutting up my socks and stitching up new clothes for my Barbie dolls. In high early school I had a little side business designing and making bags. I had the opportunity to have work experience with Ginger and Smart. Studied Fashion Designing briefly after high school, however, growing up in a traditional family made this an unrealistic career path. A couple of years ago I started helping out with photo shoots and I realised that creative styling came as second nature. My boyfriend then gave me the idea of fashion blogging and after strenuous contemplating and procrastinating here it is.

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