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Prints For a Good Cause

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Australia’s sunburnt country has always been an attraction for aggressive bushfires during the dry Australian summers.

This year we have seen what is “believed to be the worst bushfire disaster in the state for 45 years” [1]
On the 25th of October 7News reported a total of “57 bushfires burning across the state, with 23 uncontained”.[2]

In the past month we have seen a large number of people who have been heavily affected by this year’s bushfires; losing homes, loved ones and most residents left with nothing but the clothes on their back.

Last week I came across some awesome prints, created by a friend who is a talented artist.
Her website –, is dedicated to selling the prints featured, with all profits going towards St Vincents De Paul, a charity that is currently helping bushfire victims by providing food, shelter and clothing.

The profits from the prints have already raised a $500 donation for the Vinnies NSW Bushfire Appeal.
We are just at the start of the bushfire season so now is the time to by a print for a good cause!

Here are some of my favourite prints from the website from the talented artist Ariellemonsters:bunny_squarekit_squareslothsquareYou can get these prints at – (Deliveries can take up to a week and is only limited to Australia at the moment.)

You can also follow the artist Ariellemonsters on Instagram under @arriellemonsters

“Although in times of these emergencies the public are keen to donate clothing, blankets and furniture, Vinnies and other welfare agencies say that financial donations are the most effective way of helping.” [3]

To help those affected by also donating to the following websites and charities:

For more information on how to help, you can visit:

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