Outfit Post – Summer calls for a new change

Top – Agent ninetynine General Pants | Skirt – Paper Heart   Mink | Sandals –  Bonbons Wanted | Retro Sunglasses – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Photos taken by – Yunn Chin Photography

I know you guys are use to seeing me with my hair straight with a full fringe like in my previous outfit posts but recently I’ve been dying for a change!

I am trying to grow it out at the moment, so to resist cutting it and prolonging the process of growth by killing my hair with bleach; I thought it would be best to wear my hair naturally.

Yup, my hair is naturally curly …It’s kind of weird because it wasn’t always curly; I was born with straight hair but for some reason in my teens my mother’s genes kicked in then BAM! One day I woke up with a head full of curls.
I haven’t given up the full fringe yet; I might go back to it when I get bored wearing my hair naturally.

There is also an upside to wearing my hair curly, it literally takes me 5 minutes to fix my hair since I no longer have to straighten it 🙂
Plus I find the curls suit summer clothes for the hot weather in Sydney (However, the past couple of days it has been more humid then sunny -.-‘) Just a secret between you and me, my forehead would get crazy sweaty under that fringe in hot weather, so I think I choose a good time to give the fringe a break for now hehehe.

Speaking of Summer, I’m so ready to hit the beach, bring out the shorts, skirts, singlets and dresses. Like this awesome skirt that I bought a couple of weeks ago, totally loving it at the moment! I’ve been wearing it with plain tops like white and black basics, perfect for casual days and not to mention teaming it with the occasional pop of colour. It even got featured as a “look of the day” at my college Woot Woot! Check it out on my Instagram under the photos I’ve been tagged in – @fashiondiction

What about you, are you looking at making any changes to your style or hair due to the weather?

Neon-Skirt-2 Neon-Skirt-3  Neon-Skirt-1




Animal Print

Dress – Jorge | Flats – Court Couture  |  Denim Jacket – Cotton On

Saturday is usually the night that everyone is out and about. For me, it was a night out to dinner with friends and I couldn’t think of a better night to show off my new animal print dress from Jorge. Now trust me when I say that the one thing my wardrobe is lacking is animal print. Besides this dress, I only have one leopard print top in my entire wardrobe. I’m not usually a fan of animal print clothing unless I see something that I NEED to have and this dress was it! Not only did I score it on sale, but I also couldn’t resist the colour-saturated print. This isn’t your typical animal print dress with black spots or zebra stripes. From afar it can easily be mistaken for a trendy galaxy dress, but if you have a closer look, you can see the head of a fierce tiger ready to bite. Wearing something like this somehow makes me feel empowered and strong. It’s funny how clothes can bring out hidden confidence you thought you never had.

I was only recently introduced to the label Jorge through ‘Catch of the Day’. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a website that lists deals and discounts currently running. I’m surprised I didn’t find the label sooner, now I’m in love with their clothes. Jorge is an Australian label that has a diverse range of clothes with a style that mixes sexy and cute. Their collections showcase loud colours, bold prints and statement pieces. For those who love wearing pieces with bright colours or fun prints to liven up your style, this will definitely be a label you’ll come love.

Are you fan of animal print?

You can check out the label Jorge at – http://www.jorgeclothing.com/

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