DISCO PANTS!!!! what colour are you?

Disco Pants – American Apparel  |  Top/Dress – Forever New  |  Flats – Court Couture  |  Tote Bag – Michael Kors  |  Sunglasses – Tiffany & Co.

The day I watched Olivia Newton John rocking the tight, high-waisted, shimmery disco pants in the movie Grease, I was in love. As a young girl you tend to create fairy tales in your mind, much like the storyline of Grease where the nerdy girls gets the man of her dreams by looking like a complete babe!!! Joking! …… NOT! 🙂 But seriously, we all know when watching that scene as a girl it makes you want to be her or if you’re watching the scene as a guy, it makes you want to be John Travolta hehehe. My point is, she made it look so damn good that you either wanted to be her, be with her or the next best thing; wear what she was wearing! 35 years later and the disco pants are back hotter than ever and available in a variety of colours.

Roughly 4 years ago I saw them in a show called Jerseylicious (yes, I am a sucker for lame reality TV shows) and I wanted them sooo bad, but never knew where to get them.  2 years ago I saw Jessie J wearing them, at this stage I was blood hungry! My want turned into an overwhelming need for these disco pants. I didn’t even know what the hell they were called at the time. Finally the day came when I saw a girl wearing them on the train and I automatically went into hunt mode. I stalked that poor girl until I got close enough to get an answer from her. She told me she got them from a store called American Apparel, so that night I went home and ordered my very first pair. More than a year later, I still think it was one of the best fashion decisions I’ve ever made. The disco pants has truly become a favorite in my wardrobe, it’s simply a piece I cannot go without.

The first pair I ever got were black. I thought I would keep it fairly safe as black goes with pretty much anything. Since then my taste has evolved to ‘the brighter the colour the better’. It’s so much more exciting! Personally I find I get more creative when I style my own outfits. My disco pants colour is lavender, otherwise known as a rich purple. I love this colour because it’s crazy, different and out there.

You can check out all the different colours available on the American Apparel website – http://store.americanapparel.com.au/rsaah300.html

What colour are you?

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