Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney – Trends

Photography –Yunn Chin and Ethel Manalo ( Yours truly 🙂 )

I was lucky enough to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in Sydney back in August. A little while ago I had spoken about my favourite runway show from that event, which was the Trends runway. I highlighted my favourite collection from the show created by the amazing designer Romance Was Born.

Here are my favourites from the collections featured from the rest of the show, Enjoy:

Emma Mulholland

Also on of my favourite designers from the night, featuring artistically drenched in colour fashion pieces.






Blesse’d are the meek




Easton Pearson


Camilla and Marc




Christina Exie 


Bronx and Banco


Toni Maticevski



These breath taking dress from the Maticevski collection were definitely the stand out gowns from the night. I loved everything from the cut, the texture of the fabric and the electric colour. The design oozed sophistication, elegance and class.

I’ll be posting more from the event including the first Kardashian Kollection so stay tuned.

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney – Trends (Romance Was Born)

Photographer – Yunn Chin

Out of the four nights of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, my favourite runway show was without a doubt the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia – Trends. It was a runway show that gave the public a first look into the 2013 Spring and Summer trends from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week before it hits stores.
Over 200 looks from over 30 internationally recognised designers, jam-packed into one amazing runway show. So popular, it ran repeatedly for all four nights of the event.

Romance Was Born opened the show with romantic, cute and intricate dresses and jumpsuits which reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.
Once I saw these designs I immediately wanted to put down the camera because I was in complete awe of how amazing the designs were. I could swear I was salivating a little (hahaha gross I know); all I could think about was getting my hands on one of these dresses.
Even though there were so many crazy and memorable designs from the show, I have to admit that Romance Was Born definitely burnt a lasting impression in my mind.

My favourite piece out of the collection was the first dress. I died when I saw it! The transparent cotton candy pink floral print, the oversized Peter Pan collar, the subtle attachments of pom pom like flowers and the perfect distribution of puffed sleeves was enough to bring my excitement on overdrive.

I can’t wait to show you the rest of the gorgeous and diverse looks from the rest of the show, stay tuned :).











Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney – Sportscraft

Photographer – Yunn Chin

Sportscraft graced the runway with vibrant and playful printed separates the second night of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in Sydney.

Sportscraft was not one of my favourites, or my go to when I would rack the shelves and hangers at Myers. However, after seeing their Spring Summer 2013 collection, I’ve definitely given it a second thought.

As you’ve seen in my previous outfit posts, I am in love with colour, fun prints, as well as comfort without jeopardising style and this was exactly what Sportscraft showcased in their collection.

Here are some of the looks lead by the unique Australian beauty Samantha Harris.

Enjoy 🙂











Featured in Booodl – Style Scouted by Margaret Zhang

Last week at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, I met the amazing Margaret Zhang. She was there style scouting for
She is one of the Fashion bloggers (blog –Shine by Three) that inspired me to start blogging not to mention she is so amazing and breathtakingly beautiful. So you can imagine how starstruck I was when I finally met her.

As soon as I saw her, I started hyperventilating like a teen girl meeting one of the boys from one direction (sorry, it’s the only comparison I could think of -.-‘). I tried to play it cool but in the corner of my eye I saw her coming towards me and as soon as she asked if she could take a photo of my outfit, everything went downhill from there.
My excitement quickly turned into uncontrollable word vomit, attacking her with overly excited sentences “I know you! I love all your outfits, you are amazing!” I could hear myself embarrassing myself and the little voice of reason told me to stop but I just couldn’t. It was like a train wreck that I just stood back and helplessly watched.

I’ve been kicking myself since and running it over and over again in my head, thinking about how I would of done it differently without embarrassing myself. But I guess on the bright side it has turned into a funny story to share.

So Margaret if you ever read this (which I don’t blame you if you don’t) sorry for the overly excited reaction and thank you for giving me such a memorable story to tell.

Here is a snap from the website It’s just a preview to their up and coming official site but they feature some pretty cool runway shows from the festival. Plus they have some interesting stuff on there which makes it worth checking it out.

I’ll be posting more photos on this outfit soon so keep a look out and next post I’ll be featuring the looks seen on the runway, so stay tuned.

Hope you guys enjoyed my embarrassing encounter with my equivalent to a celebrity.

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Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 12.17.54 AM

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney – Spotted Personal Styles

Photographer – Yunn Chin

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, an event to showcase this seasons designs to the public, was held in the heart of Sydney CBD at the Sydney Town Hall. Me and my photographer/partner Chin were lucky enough to attend since we were approved for media passes woot woot!

The next several days I’ll be bringing you the trends, frocks, gowns and new styles that graced the runway from designers such as Alex Perry, Bec and Bridge and the first ever “Kardasian Kollection” runway show.

But before we engulf ourselves in exciting new designer styles, here are just some of the unique personal styles rocked by the people of Sydney at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival.


Chettina Attard wearing a playfully printed skirt from Sheike


Sonia Pennimpede 


David Mac Ham mixing it up with a traditional African shirt and leopard printed shoes


Loved his look so much I had to include this close up


Mariel, Raniera and Frederick 


Loving this dungaree worn by Keeda


Pernilla Ackerfors


Chad Nguyen


One of the more interesting outfits seen that night worn by Wenlong Yuan


Kacie with friends