Fashiondiction’s First Birthday

To get you guys updated, you haven’t heard from me in a bit because I have been working on some really special posts for the month of March, since it is…….*drum roll* THE 1ST BIRTHDAY OF FASHIONDICTION!!!! WOOT WOOT!

February is the month that we started the blog but March was when we officially launched Fashiondiction and WOW!!! I can’t believe it has already been a year!
So much has changed, we have progressed far more than we had anticipated and what started as a personal hobby has grown into something completely unexpected.

So for Fashiondiction’s birthday celebration month we will be looking back into our fashion looks, outfits that never made it on the blog, special photoshoots, plus so much more (but I’m not saying anymore so you’ll just have to wait and see).

On the very last day of the month keep an eye out because you won’t want to miss our last post 😉

To start it off here are all the outfit posts from the past year!!!

Which one is your favourite?


























mossimo_09 Blue_nike_03

















Sydney Fashion Weekend Part 1

Hello! Long time no post!

Sorry everyone! I know it’s been a whole week since I’ve posted compared to my usual 3 times a week update.

Last week was so crazy for me; I had assessments due, end of month deadline for work and a farewell. Not to mention Sydney Fashion Weekend and the first bridal photoshoot I’ve ever styled happened the week before.

Yeah, I was slightly overwhelmed but the good news is I have so much to update you on! Starting with SYDNEY FASHION WEEKEND!

Sydney Fashion Weekend is all about YOU! The shopaholics! They have everything a girl could want, great shopping at affordable prices, bubbly to share with the girls and a fashion show spread over four days; Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Me and Camille Sioco ( represented and Fashion blogger Jess Tuong came too representing her blog (

It was awesome, we got media passes for all access, totally the best!

This is the first time I’ve ever been so I had no idea what to expect. The moment we walked in, it was designer pop up shops everywhere…. It was like I had died and gone to fashion heaven!

Here’s a little taste of what Sydney Fashion Weekend was like.

Stay tuned this week to see photos of the fashion show, snaps of some stylish designers and people. I will also be giving you the inside scoop on the best day to go for discounts on designer clothes so don’t miss out!

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HEHEHE this label had my name in it so i had to take a photo 🙂


This was one of the girls at the fashion show, she asked if she could be in the blog, she was so cute 🙂


SPOTTED! Sabrina Woo and Talyssa Soto from


Jess and Camille my dates for the night 🙂


Me wearing Guess, Coach, ASOS and Wittner


Fossil leather preview launch

For my 15th birthday I received my very first Fossil watch, it was given to me by my brother Erick and his girlfriend Elin. It was a pink-faced watch, with a delicate design and a wristband that resembled a silver bracelet. It was one of my most treasured gifts because I admired the people who had gifted it to me.

Through the years I have watched the Fossil brand grow and I admired from a far. When I had the money or if there was a special occasion I would happily splurge for a new watch.

Being a big fan of the brand, when I initially received the email invitation to attend the launch, I was convinced it was spam. I thought to myself “No, they wouldn’t know who I am”, so I casually brushed it aside.

It wasn’t until fashion blogger Camille asked me if I was attending, I all of a sudden realized that I was genuinely invited and got super excited :D. Thank goodness she asked or else I would have never went!

I attended the launch last Tuesday held at Alexandria Sydney, Vicinity Dining. The event was in an intimate private room secluded from the restaurant.

I assumed that I would be walking into a room full of watches, but to my surprise, there were a range of bags displayed.

The brand, which is moving into their 30th anniversary in 2014, is going into a different direction with their brand and products. Their current campaign is called “Make your mark”, using a lot of bold colours and graphics within their new designs.

We were lucky enough to be one of the first in Sydney to preview their new collection, which will be released in July – August and you guys also get a sneak peak :).

The preview was very interactive, allowing us to feel, touch and explore the new bags as they explained the design behind it.

Fossil will be releasing four lines of handbags and wallets, which will cater to most women who love functionality, lightweight bags with a vintage, quirky or fun design.


The line called “Key-Per” was initially brought out as a Christmas edition; however, it received such a big response that instead it was made available all year round and I can see why.

This line is perfect for anyone who is studying or enjoys fun, colourful designs (like me). It is functional with many storage pockets for the every day woman and made with coated canvas for those who prefer not to use leather.

This year’s design is based on pencil shavings, striped colours and polka dots. Reflecting Fossil’s humorous and quirky side. Plus the bags are so affordable with prices ranging from $129-$149.




Fossil will be focusing on 3 main lines, one of which is the “Memoir”. This line is for the women who appreciate more of a vintage design, inspired by the 1950’s.

With articulate hardware and beautiful interior, this vintage design comes in different shapes and sizes to suit anyone.

I usually don’t do much leopard print, however, I LOVE their leopard print used on the vintage designed bags. The Memoir ranges from $279-$299.







The second line that they are focusing on is the “Erin”. It’s functional, affordable with great hardware and has the best quality leather, signature to fossil.

The texture of the bag was so soft and smooth with a buttery leather feel; made with a lot pockets to store your everyday gadgets.

Initially I was a little unsure about this design, I was worried about the wear and tear of the bag due to its delicate texture, but don’t let this fool you. Because of the leather used, which is the best in the market, I learnt that the bag would look even better over time. With the best quality leather, the Erin line ranges to $149-$349.


The main line that Fossil is focusing on this year is the “Sydney”, which is my personal favourite out of the four.

The Sydney bags come in a multitude of colours; orange, plum (my favourite), teal, gold black etc. The designs are vintage inspired with a modern twist.

After handling the bag, it was surprisingly lightweight and durable, which is good because if your like me, my whole world is in my bag.








Fossil will also be concentrating on their new signature print, inspired by mid Century architecture. I personally love it!  I love the rhythm, colour and shapes used.

The Sydney line ranges from $149 – $279 ( so affordable! )



Not forgetting their watches, this year it is all about “Owning the wrist”. Fossil’s pieces are jewellery inspired, with bands ranging in fun colours that pop and with such feminine designs. They also have beautiful bracelets so you can layer it up with their new line of watches.




fossil_lauch-29 copy

My favourite fashion bloggers Camille Sioco from and Jess Tuong from


Me and the stunning Jess Tuong


Also met the interesting Fashion blogger, Lauren Hernandez from


Me and Jess with Fossil brand representative Danielle Clennar


The food they served was amazing!!! Here is just a sample of what we indulged in that night.


I loved meeting the passionate team behind the brand and I can’t wait till these bags hit the stores, you’ll definitely be seeing these bags again on my outfit posts.


In the meantime, check out Fossil’s website for their current range and to see what stores are near you –

Photographer – Yunn Chin

Fashion Bloggers outing to Voi

I’ve been meaning to post this for sometime but didn’t get the chance till now.

A couple of weeks ago after the bloggers gathering at the event, Camille Sioco, ( Fashion Blogger- ) invited Jessica Truong ( Fashion Blogger- ) and I to attend an event at a store called Voi.

Located in Sydney’s CBD central shopping area on Castlereagh street, I was surprised that this was the first time I had heard of the store ‘Voi’.

Voi is an outlet store stocking all the desired brands from Burberry, Gucci, D&G and YSL which have been slashed to affordable prices.

We were fortunate enough to meet the owner Gennaro and share a glass of bubbly with to celebrate the end of fashion week. He was kind enough to show us a new up and coming wine bar that will be opening right next to his store. Seriously, wine and shopping… what more could a girl want? 🙂

Before stepping into the store, I always thought that brand named items on sale were only available in designer warehouses or in American outlet stores. But after checking out the prices at Voi, I definitely can’t wait to go back and do some serious damage to my savings.

On Sunday, I styled a photoshoot for the photographer Nelson Cortez, Voi generously provided the gowns for the shoot. The gorgeous, statuesque like model Christiana Fischer, was absolutely stunning in the Versace gown and Gai Mattiolo skirt.

To get a sneak peak on the amazing photos, I’ll be posting up behind the scene photos soon so STAY TUNED !!!

This week Voi has just launched their online shopping website so check it out –

To get more discounts and for updates on new stock, follow Voi on instagram – @voisydney

Photos by -Yunn Chinn










With Jess – and Camille –


Another great one with the gorgeous Jess and the stunning Camille


Fashion bloggers Jess, Camille and I with owner Gennaro, Sheila and Voi staff


Statements Part 2

Styling and Wardrobe – Ethel Manalo (me)
Photographer – Raelene Baget
Make-up artist – Shelia Tsakalidis
Model – Cam Tu Nguyen

As promised, here are the photos from the statements photoshoot.

With each style of make up, I wanted to portray different looks and emit different emotions.

The pieces I chose for the shoot was a leather jacket and a geometric mini skirt.

The leather jacket is a stereotypical representation of  “attitude”, this is exactly the emotion I wanted to bring out through strong body language.

Stylistically, I wanted the photos with the skirt to be more sultry and alluring to the viewers, but didn’t want it to be too sexy. I styled the look with more of an Egyptian cat like look to make the shots visually  interesting.

The model, Cam Tu Nguyen, was absolutely stunning and was able to make the styling come alive. She was breathtaking!!!

Sheila Tsakalidis did the amazing make-up and the talented photographer who took these photos is Raelene Baget.

If you didn’t read “Statements Part 1”, I suggest you do because you’re missing out :P.

I’ll be posting Part 3 soon so stay tuned 🙂

To see what Cam, Sheila, Raelene and I are up to, you can check us out on Facebook 🙂 don’t forget to like the Fashiondiction page!

I’ll be posting more outfits over the weekend, so see you then 🙂











Statements Part 1 Photoshoot

Styling and Wardrobe – Ethel Manalo (me)
Photographer – Raelene Baget
Make-up artist – Shelia Tsakalidis
Model – Cam Tu Nguyen

I’m fortunate enough to have so many talented people in my life. Among them, is my roommate and one of my best friends, Raelene Baget. She has the ability to capture candid portrait shots, reflecting a person’s personality after just meeting them for the first time.

Since starting my blog, I’ve been dying to collaborate with Raelene and thankfully she was able to squeeze me into her busy schedule.

We came up with a concept straight away. We wanted to do a fashion shoot showcasing statement pieces.

To model these pieces, we were lucky to work with a gorgeous model, Cam Tu Nguyen. Raelene has worked with her previously and after seeing their pervious work, I fell in love! She was perfect for the shoot.

Raelene and I both wanted to move in a more artistic direction for the shoot. For each shot, we wanted to capture one or two statement pieces with minimal clothing.

To reflect my crazy and quirky style, I decided to use make-up and face paint. I couldn’t think of a better make-up artist to work with then Sheila Tsakalidis. She was the talent behind the 60s photoshoot and has also worked with face paint before. Not to mention she’s one of my favourite make-up artists.

With these three looks, I wanted the photos to be happy, bright, colourful, crazy and fun. Just like the statement pieces.

On Monday I’ll be posting part 2, the photos are in complete contrast to part 1. They’re stronger and more intense, so don’t forget to check it out.

Enjoy, have a good weekend! 🙂














Leather, Snake Skin and Panther Print

Dress – Jorge  |  Leather Jacket –  Revival  |  Clutch – Forever New  |  Knee High Black Socks – Sportsgirl  |  Leather Ankle Boots – ZU  |  Necklace – Forever 21 |  Earrings – Diva

On the 13th of April, I attended my very first label launch for Tokyo Twerk. The launch was amazing along with the new collection released by Jenny and Christine Le.

For the event I wanted to wear something a little more edgy than my usual default cutesy style. I decided to pull out my classic leather jacket from hiding and teamed it up with a colourful printed dress. I went with my purple panther printed dress from Jorge.

Knowing I’d be getting my dance on, I wore THE most comfortable ankle boots from ZU (my new fave autumn staple). The weather was a little chilly that night, so I wore my black knee high socks with my ankle boots. To give the outfit more depth and texture I wore black and gold accessories. The earrings are made out of wood and I teamed the outfit with a statement faux snakeskin textured clutch.

Tokyo Twerk will be releasing their website soon, so I’ll keep you guys posted.

This Wednesday Ill be posting more on the event I attended on Saturday “WhatIWear – Fashion Gathering” so stay tuned!!!

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Tiger_dress_03 Tiger_dress_04 Tiger_dress_05



DISCO PANTS!!!! what colour are you?

Disco Pants – American Apparel  |  Top/Dress – Forever New  |  Flats – Court Couture  |  Tote Bag – Michael Kors  |  Sunglasses – Tiffany & Co.

The day I watched Olivia Newton John rocking the tight, high-waisted, shimmery disco pants in the movie Grease, I was in love. As a young girl you tend to create fairy tales in your mind, much like the storyline of Grease where the nerdy girls gets the man of her dreams by looking like a complete babe!!! Joking! …… NOT! 🙂 But seriously, we all know when watching that scene as a girl it makes you want to be her or if you’re watching the scene as a guy, it makes you want to be John Travolta hehehe. My point is, she made it look so damn good that you either wanted to be her, be with her or the next best thing; wear what she was wearing! 35 years later and the disco pants are back hotter than ever and available in a variety of colours.

Roughly 4 years ago I saw them in a show called Jerseylicious (yes, I am a sucker for lame reality TV shows) and I wanted them sooo bad, but never knew where to get them.  2 years ago I saw Jessie J wearing them, at this stage I was blood hungry! My want turned into an overwhelming need for these disco pants. I didn’t even know what the hell they were called at the time. Finally the day came when I saw a girl wearing them on the train and I automatically went into hunt mode. I stalked that poor girl until I got close enough to get an answer from her. She told me she got them from a store called American Apparel, so that night I went home and ordered my very first pair. More than a year later, I still think it was one of the best fashion decisions I’ve ever made. The disco pants has truly become a favorite in my wardrobe, it’s simply a piece I cannot go without.

The first pair I ever got were black. I thought I would keep it fairly safe as black goes with pretty much anything. Since then my taste has evolved to ‘the brighter the colour the better’. It’s so much more exciting! Personally I find I get more creative when I style my own outfits. My disco pants colour is lavender, otherwise known as a rich purple. I love this colour because it’s crazy, different and out there.

You can check out all the different colours available on the American Apparel website –

What colour are you?

Stay tuned for this weeks outfits.

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Pretty in Pink

Bag – Guess  Pants – American Apparel  Shoes – Miss Shop  Necklace – Forever 21  Collared Shirt – Chicabooti  Crop Tank – Supre

It’s just passed mid way through the week, almost March and already the year is taking off in rapid speed. Resumes have been sent for a fashion internship, collage applications completed and my diary is already exploding with to do lists.  ARGHHH! So hard to catch a breath and keep up with the express train called life. Although I feel at times that everything is weighing on me, I take comfort in the fact that one glorious day the struggles and sacrifices will pay off. Until then I will happily distract myself with my favourite accessories, clothes, bags and the joy of dressing up.

Preppy and retro, the words that came to mind when I got dressed for work on Tuesday morning. A common trend that you will see regularly; is my use of bright colours or showcasing one particular colour in my outfit. For this day and I’m sure many days to come, I choose my favourite colour (some of you will disagree with this choice but I don’t care) PINK!

With the sky painted grey, a cold breeze in the air, I thought bringing out the hot pink would be most appropriate to brighten up the day. Wearing my favourite disco pants, teaming it up it up with a love heart felt pattern shirt, created a good mixture of texture. To tie the outfit together I used a cropped singlet as a vest. For someone who was not blessed with height, wearing cropped shirts can create length to any outfit. To finish it off I wore a gold chunky necklace under the collar to polish up the look.

Stay tuned for this weeks outfits.

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Even though work can be boring; it doesn’t mean that your clothes have to be

Necklace Bow Tie – Diva Shirt – Doriano LBD – Portmans Heels – Coach

My current place of work is one that you would not expect, not in retail, merchandising, styling or anything to do with fashion. I work in a finance company, you know how it is when you’re studying and living outside of home, you need to pay the bills somehow. Even though my job consists of customer service, admin work and finance, I still try to put my own spin on life to make it that little bit more interesting.

I get up in the morning and I’m excited to see what I’m going to wear that day. It’s not to impress anyone or to get heads turning, I like doing it for me. I guess I’m still that little girl that never grew out of playing dress up. I wear certain colours or clothes to express how I feel. You know the saying; “wearing something that makes look good, will make you feel good as well”. It’s kind of the same thing as shopping therapy but instead of buying new clothes, your exploring different ways to collaborate clothes in your current wardrobe.

For work, I don’t like wearing the normal back and grey colours. I prefer mixing it up, adding bold colours that pop, throwing in some floral prints. Combining the office secretary look with a cute and preppy look. My belief is even though work can be boring; it doesn’t mean that your clothes have to be.

One of last weeks outfits, I wore a baby blue chiffon shirt underneath a normal black dress. The black dress alone with a coloured blazer would usually suffice but I wanted to change it up a little. To make the outfit more visually appealing, I accessorised with a necklace bow tie and sunglasses. To add contrast to the baby blue number, I wore a MAC fuchsia pink lippy called “Girl about town”. For more of a professional feel, I slicked my hair back in a high bun and wore high heels. For those who aren’t too comfortable with showing some leg, you can wear simple black or skin coloured tights. This look is very feminine and professional, allowing you to show some skin but not too much. What do you think?

Stay tuned for this weeks outfits.

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