I thought I’d share a quick snap of what wore today (This photo was quickly snapped before bed last night in preparation for today. HAHA! I look so tired and make-up-less)

As you’ve gathered, I don’t do scary well so this is about as scary as I get hehe!

I’d love to hear what you were wearing today for Halloween . . .


Outfit Post – Think Pink

Playsuit – Mink | Flats – Miss Shop

Photos taken by – Yunn Chin Photography

This October month has been all about the colour PINK for breast cancer awareness. Besides the fact that pink is my favourite colour, this month has hit close to home, with a family member passing away with cancer earlier this year.

“Breast cancer remains the most common cancer among Australian women (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer).” http://canceraustralia.gov.au/healthy-living/campaigns-events/breast-cancer-awareness-month

The Australian community has done a big part in contributing to raising funds for research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer through fundraisers and events.

My work in particular hosted a high tea, raising money for the cause and encouraged everyone to wear pink last Friday.

At college there was pink to bee seen throughout the month and pink ribbon stalls were everywhere, at stations, malls and walkways.

Besides my small contribution I thought I would post up the outfit I wore earlier this month with the encouragement to wear pink.

Even though we are at the end of breast cancer awareness month, it’s not too late to contribute; for more information and to make a donation big or small, you can visit: http://www.nbcf.org.au/

pink_square_02   pink_square_03








http://www.nbcf.org.au/Support-Us.aspx   http://canceraustralia.gov.au/healthy-living/campaigns-events/breast-cancer-awareness-month

Tokyo Twerk – Life Style Clothing Label Campaign

Some of you may remember the label launch I attended in April for Tokyo Twerk.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the up and coming label; Tokyo Twerk is a life style label that creates fun and edgy designs inspired by the new up and coming music scene (new music that doesn’t fit into any specific genre).

The vision behind the label is to explore unconventional and new art. Creating cool and unique designs that don’t follow a certain formula or style. Designs that are not fashion but designs that reflect a lifestyle.

I admire the uniqueness of the label and what the label stands for. Their vision, I think is really interesting and refreshing. It’s not often you find labels that don’t conform to the everyday fashion scene.

I also love the fact that their clothing is unisex and the idea of boyfriends and girlfriends being able to share clothes really appeals to me (as you know, I do love wearing my occasionally boyfriend shirts hehehe).

Tokyo Twerk has recently released their campaign video, which shows what the label is all about. I’m loving the music playing in the background!

Check it out !

Tokyo Twerk’s online shop will go live to the public after their member’s only pre sale -Dates TBA next week.

So be sure to keep a look out on their website – www.tokyotwerk.com/

For more updates you can follow Tokyo Twerk on :
Instagram – instagram.com/tokyotwerk
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/TokyoTwerk

Tokyo twerk

Outfit post and Personal Thoughts – Self Esteem

Cat Print Shirt – Vintage | Pants – American Apparel | Converse Chuck Lites – Hype | Bowler Hat – Vintage

Photos taken by Yunn Chin Photography

Last month my self-esteem suffered a drastic decline. Don’t get wrong, I am not complaining bout my body type or the way I look. I just suffered from evil thoughts that were spawned from my own insecurities.

The bad diets and the 2 months abandoning my routine workout at the gym finally caught up to me. I didn’t experience drastic changes in my body; it was just the way I felt. Brought on by abusing my body with the unusual amount junk food and lack of exercise.

As much as I celebrate loving yourself and the way you look not matter how big, small, curvy or thin you are. Sometimes, negative and unreasonable thoughts just seem to get in the way.

On days that I’m suffering from my own mental block, I wear slimming colors like black. I wear baggier shirts, prints are usually my best friend and a little touch of colour also helps to brighten my day.

Now, back at the gym, strenuously trying to get back into my old routine by attempting a healthier practice of eating. I already feel that little bit better, prouder and this has solved the unreasonable put-downs I put on myself.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that suffers from their own metal abuse (wow I sound crazy). If you too suffer from this, I’m curious to know what do you wear to cover the bulge?

Thanks for visiting 🙂

I’ll be posting some exciting things this week so stay tuned.










Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney – Trends

Photography –Yunn Chin and Ethel Manalo ( Yours truly 🙂 )

I was lucky enough to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in Sydney back in August. A little while ago I had spoken about my favourite runway show from that event, which was the Trends runway. I highlighted my favourite collection from the show created by the amazing designer Romance Was Born.

Here are my favourites from the collections featured from the rest of the show, Enjoy:

Emma Mulholland

Also on of my favourite designers from the night, featuring artistically drenched in colour fashion pieces.






Blesse’d are the meek




Easton Pearson


Camilla and Marc




Christina Exie 


Bronx and Banco


Toni Maticevski



These breath taking dress from the Maticevski collection were definitely the stand out gowns from the night. I loved everything from the cut, the texture of the fabric and the electric colour. The design oozed sophistication, elegance and class.

I’ll be posting more from the event including the first Kardashian Kollection so stay tuned.

Thanks for visiting and see you soon 😉

Outfit post – Topman Football Jersey

Shirt – Topman | Disco Pants – American Apparel | Hat – Stussy | Shoes – Shubar

Photographer – Yunn Chin

There I was having second thoughts feeling a little vulnerable about posting my personal and private thoughts.

But Wow, thank you so much for all your kind words and support from my earlier post. It is really comforting to know that I’m not the only one that struggles to post consistently, with so many any other commitments that get in the way. So thank you again 🙂

It has been a while since I’ve posted an outfit and even though I’m still really excited to share the runway shows I attended at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival. I think it’s time to spice things up and bring out some of the outfits that I’ve been wearing since then.

It’s the second week back to college; sitting through lectures can be tiring and at times very uncomfortable. Because of this, I find myself wearing more casual, chilled and comfortable clothing to keep me going through the day.

A big trend that I have fallen in love with is the football jersey. It is so cute and you can wear it almost anywhere by dressing it down or up by paring it with heels and a skirt. I actually found this jersey in the Topman while I was looking for something for my boyfriend. Even though it’s made for men, I thought it was a good steal because of how comfortable it is due to it’s baggy make. Another plus is that both me and boyfriend Chin can wear it, you know what they say “sharing is caring” hehehe 🙂

What do you wear that’s comfortable and gets you through your day?










Fashion Blogging – Personal Thoughts

When your working part time, studying full time, maintaining a relationship and a social life, finding time to commit to your passion can be difficult.

Since I began the commitment to start blogging as a hobby it has not been an easy journey. For less than a year it has unexpectedly made me learn so much about myself. I have been confronted by my bad habits and my overly emotional state since I immersed myself in the blogosphere.

Hearing feedback from your peers and the public can be at times difficult to say the least.

Especially in the stressful month of October, which had left a wake of sleepless nights, breakdowns and the temptation to give up. I had found myself drained, burnt out, emotionally and mentally exhausted. Out of everything that I found challenging, it was me, that I was the biggest challenge to overcome.

Besides everything that gets in the way to continue blogging, I realize all the opportunities that have come with it, all the amazing things I have taken from it and the daily inspiration that I can’t seem to find anywhere else.

I just thought I would share a little bit of my personal thoughts and experiences with you. To give you an update of what’s been happening with me since it has been such a long time since I’ve posted.

After the past couple of months, I feel like the worst is over and on a brighter note I’ll be posting an outfit post tonight… YAY FINALLY!

I honestly appreciate all the fashion bloggers and bloggers out there that have other commitments but still find the time to commit to your hobbies and passion that is blogging.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for tonight’s outfit post.

In the mean time here’s a sneak peak 😛

jersey shirt purple hat